The Synaesthesia Series

Yanika Ciantar
The Synaesthesia Series "Series of 2 drawings Mixed Media on paper 150cm x 200cm each"

Yanika’s work is derived from abstract expressionism. Her large-scale drawings explore mark making using wet and dry media, collages and photography. Her creative practice focuses on the processes and techniques produced through gestural, and intuitive studies. Her works also range from figurative to abstract, depending on the subject matter at that time. Themes usually tackled include nature, movement and the human psyche. Yanika’s dissertation project explores music and the complexities of the mind, resulting in dense visual representations of one’s response to specific musical compositions. It takes synaesthesia as a starting point, a neurological condition where sound is seen as colour (and shapes in this case). This practice tends to make the intangible tangible, through large colourful works.


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