Klaus Von Krankenvagen’s dossier

Kathryn Morrison
Klaus Von Krankenvagen’s dossier Website/T-shirt/A3 Poster

Klaus Von Krankenvagen is a 50-year-old German National and former professor of medical ethics at the University of Malta. Why former professor, you may ask? Well, Klaus was fired for selling faulty Covid-19 vaccines to his students. Alma D. was the journalist who discovered what he was doing and reported him, resulting in his ultimate termination of employment. As the leader of the ┼╗ejtun Scientology Collective, he believes he was sent from God to cure Covid-19, so this cannot slide. Now, Klaus resides in his evil cave in his mother’s basement where he seeks revenge on Alma D. and aims to expose her and the superheroes on his gossip blog to ruin her name and win back his job. The plan is so complex and confusing it cannot fail!


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