3D Rig Showcase

Peter Pantelic
3D Rig Showcase Autodesk Maya, MEL Script

Peter is an aspiring 3D rigger who loves learning about new things when it comes to the 3D world, whether it be rigging itself, animation or modelling. His aspirations for the future include either working as a freelance 3D rigger or opening up to various other skills in order to become a technical artist in a game development company. Peter is currently working on a showcase reel of rigs, which consists of one game-designed character, and two more mechanical objects, one of them being a full car, with various parts of it working, such as the bonnet, boot, and passenger doors. Other details included in this rig are the suspension, tire squashing, steering, and the wheels rotating whenever the car accelerates, or the steering is turned. The other rig consists of a part of a car, which is the piston. In this rig, whenever the crankshaft is being rotated, all the pistons are simultaneously being moved towards the direction they are facing in.


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