Embrace Liminality Embrace Liminality

Now running its sixth edition, the MCAST ICA Festival provides a platform for creative students to display their work while simultaneously meeting with industry stakeholders. It features work by the final-year BA students from MCAST's Institute for the Creative Arts. Apart from also giving career advice to MCAST's prospective students it also acts as a link between the institute and the local art and design community.


If at first
you don't succeed

Ultimately, the MCAST ICA Festival's purpose and goal is to celebrate the students' creativity and hard work that came to fruition throughout their challenging but gratifying years of education, as well as showcasing their work to industry experts outside the formal educational context.

Explore the Cosmos

Liminality refers to what is simultaneously one of the most daunting and uncomfortable parts of the creative process that is also the final frontier before the next great idea. With this theme we urge individuals not to fear the unknown but embrace this liminal space of creativity to continue pushing for innovation and expression in one's chosen discipline. This evokes feelings of sci-fi and exploration that go hand in hand with the theme - Embrace Liminality - as well as the aesthetic that was implemented for the MCAST ICA Festival 2022.


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